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Hey! I'm Kolin. 👋

Innovation x Future
+ Aerospace =

My Passion

🧠 In the game since 2012. 🛫


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My Story.

Hey there, I'm Kolin.


Fusing law, business, technology, and innovation? That’s my forte. Schooled at Bucerius Law and WHU - Otto Beisheim, my academic explorations took me to WHU and (as Visiting Predoctoral Fellow) Kellogg School of Management where I delved deep into Technology and Innovation Management. But I don’t just wear the academic hat. My footprint? Airbus, Lufthansa Innovation Hub, and sharpening strategic prowess at Roland Berger. Now, leading Future & Sustainable Aviation initiatives is where my heart's at.

But life isn't just about the 9-to-5 grind. Canada, during my high school years, sparked my wanderlust. From then on, the world became my playground. When I’m not decoding the next big thing in aviation, I'm whipping up gourmet delights in the kitchen or pushing my limits (Ironman 2017, Hamburg - checked!). Yoga, meditation, and diving into mind-expanding reads fuel my fire. Oh, and currently? I’m charting new learning territories with courses from Section School by Prof. Galloway.

Blending academic mettle, hands-on expertise, and an unyielding drive, I'm here to make waves, inspire, and drive change. This isn’t just a career path. It’s my passion, my mission.

My Professional Highway.

Working With the Best.

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My Learning Highway.

Learning With the Best.

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My Upskilling Highway.

Growing With the Best.

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"Innovation is the bridge between knowledge and impact, and every step we take is a chance to shape the world for the better"

Surfing the Wave of Life.

Fly With Me.

Ready to dive deep into aerospace innovation, discuss the next big thing in aviation, or the methods in strategic intelligence, foresight, market research and innovation? Secure a spot in my calendar, and let's set the trajectory for success!



Hamburg ❤️ Germany

+49 15678 629 569

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